I am a 26 year old recently married (going on our second year of marriage) stay at home wife who is still trying to adjust to the Oregon lifestyle. I relocated to Oregon almost 3 years ago from Pennsylvania, let’s just say life on the West Coast is VERY different! Prior to becoming a stay at home wife, I worked many years as a Pre-Kindergarten teacher and the Assistant Director of a Preschool. I have learned to be organized, crafty and pretty good at making a dollar stretch a long way! I also managed a bakery and fell in love with decorating cakes, cupcakes and cookies and baking delicious treats! After a shoulder injury however I was unable to work at the bakery and decided to move on to something else I love doing: working with kids! So that is how those two very different careers ended up somewhat combined because after the bakery I still made cakes and cupcakes and treats as often as I could and kept my own little bakery going in my kitchen! Now being a stay at home wife I find myself with quite a bit of time on my hands so I figured I would share all of the things I currently am working whether it be in the kitchen, organizing a room, doing something crafty, trying something completely new or wanting to a gut a room in our house and start over! Hopefully you can pick up some tips and share them with your family. We all want happy healthy and creative families! =)


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