The begining of something…. addicting?

Where to start… I have decided to update my blog, and hopefully actually use it as it’s intended. In the past I have enjoyed posting recipes for others to try out, and have shared some of my organizing ideas but I never really took it seriously. I am not sure I am taking it seriously this time either but I continue to get requests from friends wanting help with certain projects or ideas, which I absolutely love when they come to me and I can come up with a solution to help them out, so with that happening more frequently I guess I thought maybe I could help out some other people as well who happen to come across my blog looking for recipes, storage solutions, financial struggles, or marriage struggles… I can’t always guarantee that it will all rainbows and glitter, because lets face it, life is not always rainbows and glitter, but I can guarantee that it will be honest with the hopes of reaching someone somewhere to make their life a little easier through my trial and error!

A lot of things have changed drastically in my life over the past two weeks. I have become a stay at home wife again, by choice because my previous employment was literally making me sick, the stress and crazy that I had to deal with I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. It was not a healthy place for me or my family to be in and it needed to end. It was not an easy decision because that means we will be relying solely on my husbands income and while for two adults doesn’t sound terribly horrible, we are supporting 3. My mother lives with us and will probably always live us from here on out because I believe that is what is best for her. As we get older, obviously our parents gets older as well, and having to switch the roles to be the caretaker in some areas has been a big change for me, but to be honest it has been something really good. My relationship with my mom has not always been good, in fact some points it was pretty horrible, but as time has gone by I consider her not just my mom but my friend and my husband has embraced this sometimes less then private situation we have with open arms and has been welcoming to her and she is officially part of our family. So needless to say financially I am going to have to be a little bit creative when it comes to making our dollar stretch, but it is absolutely worth it for my own sanity and the well being of the rest of the household!

We also have had to deal with the awesome ugly truth of taxes as a home owner, landlord, and an adult with way to much responsibility. This year when I was preparing my taxes I never thought we would actually owe money… never. And there it hit me…. a whopping $8,000 we must pay back all at once to the IRS because the tax laws have changed since 2010 when my husband and I decided to turn the house we own into a rental so he could be closer to work and I could actually find work. Yea, that worked out well…. So it looks like when the tenant’s lease is up in March of 2013 (September of this year if they are willing to leave when our lease is up) we will be moving back into that house, which is in the middle of the country and will be a big adjustment for all of us. We just can not afford to keep that house as a rental. I really truly believe that everything happens for a reason, I know that moving out of that house was exactly what my husband and I needed to focus on our relationship as newlyweds and learn to live with each other and communicate with each other and this time around going back to that house we are in a very different place, emotionally and financially so I really am looking forward to going back and doing all the things we want to the house that we never had a chance to do. We originally bought that house because it was a very boring blank slate and I could do whatever I wanted to it… which brings me to my next thought on the beginning of all of this….

Pinterest!! I knew from past browses if I ever got an invite I would probably spend way to much time on there gathering ideas for when we move back into our house. I was absolutely right… it is an amazing and evil site all at the same time. I really do love the fact that I can pin up everything I want to do to the house and the yard and share my ideas and get feedback. It’s like the old fashioned cutting out magazine pictures and gluing them onto paper in a binder… except way more efficient! But man… I could spend days on that site if I wanted to!

Here are my boards if you would like to take a look at my small collection so far =) I noticed a lot of peoples boards are very unrealistic as far as renovations and house ideas go… so I would really like to keep mine down to earth and make the most out of what I am lucky enough to have instead of drooling over the 2 million dollar kitchens we ALL would love to have! I also look forward to sharing a lot of my things on there through here, in hopes of again, making someone’s life easier through my trial and error!

I would also love to do specific posts on issues you may be dealing with currently, whether it’s storage issues, financial issues or you are just looking for something yummy to eat!

I noticed a lot of blogs do specific posts on specific days, like Menu Mondays, Wordless Wednesdays…. I may try to come up with a few more like Financial Fridays and Storage Saturdays, I know I have enjoyed reading those posts from other blogs, so I will hopefully come up with a few new fresh ideas – although that seems a bit daunting since there are SOOO many blogs out there!!

There will be a lot going on in our lives this coming year and I look forward to having a place to write it all down, I have always found writing therapeutic so perhaps it will help maintain the stress levels!

To new journeys and beginnings…. a new chapter in life has begun!